Modernisation of medical laboratory

Total amount of the investment made: BGN 236,704.33 (EUR 121,025)
Total amount of the provided loans guaranteed under the JEREMIE initiative: BGN 236,704.33 (EUR 121,025)

Main goal of the investment:


The independent technical medical laboratory L.P. Estadent – Labor EOOD was established in 1991 as a family-run business specialized in the technical aspect of the production of dental prosthetic structures by dentist’s prescription. The dental laboratory where the company performs its activity is located in the city of Sofia and meets the latest requirements for organization and equipment of such facilities. An acknowledgement of the high quality of the laboratory’s products is its cooperation with over 40 dental practices in Bulgaria, Belgium and France.

Since 2011, the independent technical medical laboratory L.P. Estadent – Labor EOOD has been following an investment plan for modernization of its facilities and has already repaired its building and has made steps towards purchasing of new equipment. In February 2012, with a loan under preferential price terms and lowered collateral requirements from UniCredit Bulbank AD, with the support of the guarantee instrument under the JEREMIE initiative, the company purchased, delivered and put into operation digital dental polishing and milling equipment which is unique for Bulgaria. The investment includes also acquisition of intangible assets, as the company has implemented specialized software for positioning and modeling of dental crowns. The company’s staff has been trained by the suppliers of the software and equipment. Thanks to its high achievements, the company earned the recognition “Bulgarian Dental Laboratory with European Scale and Investments”, awarded by the sector organization Association of Dental Dealers in Bulgaria.

Benefits from the implementation of the investment:
- Increased production capacity;
- Improved work flow efficiency;
- Higher precision of the production;
- Expanding the product range through development of new products.

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